How To Throw A Fun Baby Shower For Your Best Friend/sibling?

Is your sister pregnant with her first child so you have decided that you and all of her best friends are going to throw her a dream baby shower and you are trying to think of fun little activities to organize for the day? Or are you organizing a baby shower for your best friend and even though you know what food she likes, you are trying to think of what kind of décor she may like and how you can plan out your surprise baby shower reveal?
Whatever the case may be, whether you are trying to plan out a fun baby shower for your sister along with her friends and you are looking for fun activities you can incorporate into the day similar to the individual in the first example or if similar to the individual in the second example, you are trying to organize a baby shower for your best friend and even though you know exactly what kind of food you must prepare for the day, you are wondering how you are going to plan the surprise baby shower reveal and what else you can do to make sure she has a beautiful day, baby showers are such a sweet way to treat a loved one who is pregnant. This is because they are getting used to several changes happening with their bodies whether those are physical changes or hormonal changes so it feels great to have a day that is planned out with just them and their baby in mind where they can have the most fun. There are many ways you can make your loved one feel special on the day of their baby shower, one such way being hiring a talented makeup artist to do their so that they look stunning in all of the pictures you take. Read below to see many more things you can do on this day.

Have a photo-shoot
A photo shoot is a great and fun way for your loved one and all of your guests to remember this day forever. You can hire a makeup artist and ask him or her to give everyone a similar makeup style whether that is vintage with thick 60’s winged liner or fun pops of glitter so that you can all look gorgeous in the baby shower photographs.

Organize games
For extra fun, you can organize games like truth or dare, musical chairs and then give the winner little gift hampers. Even though your sister or friend who is pregnant may not be able to join in on these games, they will still have the time of their life watching everyone play. For more information, please click here.