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Wrinkles – Causes And Remedies

Collagen is the most common protein in our body. Especially, collagen is found in bones, muscles, skin, blood vessels and digestive system. It gives our skin a glow, strength and elasticity. And it works as glue in our joints. It helps to maintain our skin elasticity.

Our body produces collagen regularly. But aging and other lifestyles also decrease the produce of collagen in our body. For that reason our skin lose elasticity and wrinkles appears on our skin. However with advance beauty treatment, like right wrinkle reduction, one can get rid of their wrinkles. But except the natural aging process there are some big reasons for appearing wrinkles. 

Reasons of Wrinkles:

UV rays of sun can increase free radicals in our body that can destroy the elastic fibres of our skin and can decrease the elasticity of our skin. That causes wrinkles to our skin. It also causes skin cancer. Smoking can increase the free radicals in our body; it can decrease the elasticity of our skin and causes wrinkles to our skin. To treat wrinkles, visit a reputed skin rejuvenation clinic and get the right treatment done. If we don’t include nutrient rich food in your regular diet then our skin health and strength can affected by this. So, we should eat foods that have rich nutrients, like oily fishes, vegetables, fresh fruits and plenty of water. This will help to maintain skin elasticity, health and strength. Collagens are created by mainly water. When we become dehydrated, then collagens break down and that causes wrinkles on our skin.

If you don’t use any cosmetic cream to stop your aging that contains collagen then your skin can not get the nutrients to keep the good elasticity of your skin. And sometimes if you are tensed or tired, some hormones releases from our body that causes wrinkles.

Recovery of wrinkles:

Excessive sun rays can increase our wrinkles. So, if you are staying outside for a long time you should wear a hat and sunglass. And always try to wear full sleeves that protect your skin from sun rays. And always use a sunscreen that contains SPF formula that can protect your skin from tanning and wrinkles. Always try to add nutrients rich food to your diet that can keep your skin healthy and young.

If you want to have more antioxidants that can prevent your aging and wrinkles, then you have to eat nutrients rich foods, like oily fish, fresh fruits and vegetables that give minerals and proteins to your skin. Smoking is one of the most important reasons for wrinkles. So, you have to quit smoking. But it is not a easy process. But inhalers can help you to do that. Stress is another important reason of wrinkles. So, always try to stay tension free and stay away from the things that give you tension. Yoga, exercise and meditation can help you to stay tension free. That can reduce your wrinkles.

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How To Be A Good Maid Of Honor

We know that the day you get married would be the happiest day of your life. But do you know which day would come as a close second? Well, this would be the day that your best friend gets married. That is because on this day you would have been given the responsibility of being her maid of honour. Then we understand that you would want to make sure that your girl is happy. Furthermore, you would also want this day to go off perfectly for her. However, we also understand that all these responsibilities can make you feel overwhelmed. But if you know what to do you would have nothing to worry about.

Be Enthusiastic

There are some girls who would love weddings. Therefore, in that case, they would not mind hearing about centrepieces and eyelash extension supplies. But not every girl is like this. Some would have gotten tired of talking about this wedding at all times. But for a bride, their wedding would take up a majority of their life. Therefore, in that case, more often than not it would all be what they would talk about. In that case, you should not roll your eyes when she begins to talk about colours and themes for the millionth time. Instead, try to offer your honest opinion when she asks you a question. The most important thing that you can do as a maid of honour is to be enthusiastic. That is because all the bride would want is for someone to be as excited as her about this day. 

Be There For Her

Just before the bride gets married she would be a nervous wreck. That is because by walking down the aisle she would be changing her life forever. Therefore, in that case, you need to be there to support and calm her. Furthermore, we also understand that things can go wrong at the last minute. But you should never let the bride handle these last-minute emergencies. Instead, it is your responsibility to handle these problems. Therefore make sure you have everything from right training eyelash extensions to a Tylenol on hand.

Make Time

As the maid of honour, you cannot simply turn up at the wedding and claim that your duties have been fulfilled. Instead, you need to make the time to be there for the bride. That is because she would want you to come with her to various appointments.Being the maid of honour does not have to be an overwhelming task. If you read this article you would know all that you have to do to succeed

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Tips On Maintaining Your Locks

As women we have the constant pressure to maintain our hair, even if it isn’t long it has to be thick and healthy. Here are few tips that will help you to take care of your locks. 

Get the basics right

Some of us spend so much of money on expensive hair treatments for example people in Australia would go to best hair salon Melbourne to do various things such as oil treatments and hair spa, but they tend to get their basic wrong. For example the way we wash our hair has a huge impact on how it looks. According to the experts you shouldn’t apply shampoo daily as it could strip the natural oils making it look dull and unhealthy. You could wash your locks thrice a week, even if you have oily scalp avoid washing it daily. Instead you could try other tricks, for example brushing a bit of powder on your scalp helps to remove the oil, or one could use dry shampoo which is easily available. Also every time you shampoo your locks, you need to apply conditioner as well.

Choose the right products

The next important thing is to choose the right product for your locks. Different people have different hair type and texture, so what works for your friend might not necessarily work for you. This is why you need to spend few extra minutes reading the ingredients of your shampoo and conditioner. Avoid buying the ones which contains sulfate and parabens, this is because both these chemicals aren’t very good for your locks. There are other hair care items such as oribe stockists Melbourne and they have variety of products so you could buy the one which works for you.

Pampering is a must

As much as you pamper your skin, you need to give some attention to your hair as well. Make sure you do oil massage at least once a week, this is really good as it nourishes your locks and the massage will help the circulation of blood flow which will in turn promote hair growth. Once a week you could also do a hair mask, brands such as Lush have ready-made masks. However, you could also try home remedies for example egg and castor oil are really good for your hair. Lastly, despite trying all of the above, if you still have hair fall then you need to go to a doctor. This is because there are different medical problems such as lack of iron which needs to be treated. Your doctor might prescribe you some medicines such as iron tablets which will solve this problem.

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